The Best Meditation Apps to Improve Your Well-Being

June 23, 2016

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Lead Copywriter


Life can get kind of hectic. Your job, family, relationships, technology….they all can cause you to feel stressed and unfocused at times. Luckily, one of those stress factors–technology–can also be a saving grace. For those who enjoy meditating, there are a handful of apps designed to help you achieve peace and calm in your daily life. From a health perspective, meditation can help manage pain, improve heart health, help insomnia and boost your immunity.

We rounded up our favorite meditation apps for you to check out.

$2.99 for Android or $4.99 for iOS

This popular app offers over 80 guided meditations for various areas of your life, whether you’re waking up, going to sleep, eating, feeling stressed out…you name it! The app also features a timer for non-guided meditations, tips and tricks for “deepening your understanding” and stats to see how your meditation is going. This app is great for individuals who aren’t sure how to fit meditation into their busy lives.

Free to start // Subscription is $12.95 a month (or lower if you buy a yearly or lifetime plan)

Headspace aims to teach you how to meditate. “Think of Headspace as a gym membership for your mind,” their introductory video says. Start with their free Take 10 program- 10 minutes for 10 days; from there you can subscribe to areas such as health, performance and relationships. This app is great for individuals who think they’ll never be able to learn how to meditate.

Free to download, which included 25 tracks // Additional tracks range in price

Not only does this app offer hundreds of guided meditations, it also features inspirational speeches, poetry, hypnosis, ambient music and binaural beats. Sign up for free and get your first 25 tracks free. Other tracks can range in price anywhere from free to $7.99. This app is great for individuals who want diverse options other than meditation.

Free to download // $9.99 a month to subscribe (or lower if you buy a yearly or lifetime plan).

This popular app offers an array of features, including timed meditations, open-ended meditations, guided meditations for everything from calming anxiety, self-esteem and sleep, and 7-day meditation programs. This app is great for individuals who need light meditation in their lives.