We make buying health insurance more fun than talking to your ex

October 7, 2016

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Lead Copywriter

In a recent survey published by Aflac, 48% of respondents said they dreaded picking out a health insurance plan more than talking to their ex.

Here at KindHealth, you have our word that purchasing health insurance through us will be infinitely more fun than talking to your ex.

We also promise that purchasing insurance through us will be more enjoyable than:

-Smelling durian
-Stepping on LEGOs
-Standing in line at the DMV
-Finding parking during a music festival
-Reading the Constitution
-Doing your taxes
-Grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving
-Fasting the day before surgery
-Giving your cat a bath
-Watching C-SPAN
-Getting a root canal
-Eating vegetables without butter
-Jury duty
-Accidentally drinking spoiled milk
-Eating a burger that doesn’t have a good burger-to-toppings-to-bun ratio
-Having your parent ask you for tech help
-Going through TSA
-Waking up with a margarita hangover
-Ripping the crotch of your pants on the way to a job interview
-River tubing during a drought