Your Personal Health Advocate wants to help you.

June 30, 2016

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Lead Copywriter



You have a health insurance plan through KindHealth.

You remember hearing about this Personal Health Advocate that comes with your plan, but you haven’t called them yet because life is crazy busy.

Well, we’re here to remind you that you should call them at 855-737-7442. Because they’re awesome. And they’re free to you.

Your 24/7 Personal Health Advocate can help you with a slew of things, including:

-Finding doctors or hospitals so you don’t have to do the grunt work.
-Scheduling appointments and tests. 
-Explaining all those confusing insurance coverage benefits. 
-Resolving billing and claims issues–i.e. they’ll help you fight billing errors!
-Providing you with an easy-to-read statement of services. 
-Getting provider sign-off on payment terms and conditions. 
-Answering questions about symptoms and medications. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Call them today and start making you’re life easy-peasy.

And if you don’t have an insurance plan with us and you’re thinking Hey! This all sounds pretty cool! I want in!–then give us a ring at 888-871-3864. Open enrollment is not until November 1st, 2016, but we’d like to start a friendship with you now. If you recently got married, divorced, lost a job with health insurance coverage or had a baby, you might qualify now!